#3 January

We’re back for the new year with a new article filled with new and creative ideas from our fellow men. In this one we’ll talk about a marketing plan rolled out by Michel and Augustin, pros of street marketing, ranging Julian Julien Malland or German photgraphe and axis!

+ It all started in autumn of 2015 when Michael and Augustin (French food brand) was contacted by Starbucks, and thusly launched operation “#AllezHowardUnCafé” — take a look right HERE! It was a great success! The brand is now distributed in over 7600 Stabucks locations throughout the United States! The brand is adept at marketing creative and effective solutions across a number of platforms; and has launched a street-marketing campaign in New york that is both funny and highly successful: 



 + Next we’re on to Axe, who says the new year means a new campaign. The brand unveiled its new campaign on January 18th. Against all odds, the theme of a new campaign, “Find your Magic”, is … the fight against gender stereotypes! Say goodbye to bimbos on the beach or the angels falling from the sky, and make way for imperfect men and realistic situations (the agency 72andSunny Amsterdam). The campaign therefore emphasizes the uniqueness of men and rejects all stereotypes associated with virility. A first for the brand, the çampaign shows that Axe evolves with the times. It has been a very successful campaign and is highly appreciated by its customers.

 + Finally, we’ll finish off with the Hasselblad Masters Awards 2016. Like usual, Hasselblad, the Swedish camera brand, has started the year with the launch of a photo contest — the famous Hasselblad Masters Awards. This year there were 10 winning photographers from a pool of over 100 candidates. They were chosen by a vote open to the public, but also by a professional panel of judges made up of photographers and experts. Below is an extract from the winner of the Lauréat 2016 Project//21, by Jake Reeder, a young photographer who is 20 years old.



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