Creative Studio : one picture is worth a thousand words


Creative Studio : one picture is worth a thousand words


The evolution of the creation of Creative Studio is constantly increasing.

Type “Creative Studio” on the web and your search takes you to creative studios. But no definition. Nothing. Not even Wikipedia. But who are they? Who are we?

Creative studios are here to change your way of seeing things. Our strength is the audacity of our imagination. We are here to refine, embellish, make attractive, decorate or even spice up the image of your work. Equipped with cameras, computers and other tools of all kinds, we give life to your projects by animating them.

>  B u t   t h a t   i s   n o t   a l l !

Creativity is never limited to one discipline. Indeed the variety of action is very large: photography, web, video, branding your brand… in short everything related to the communication is likely to pass before our wands. Some studios have thus chosen to specialize themselves but the majority remains in the ability to touch a bit of everything.
Basically you are offered a creative solution in terms of communication.

.So, how are we different with an advertising agency?

The way in which we approach the work. The studios creative make in personalisation, closest to the customer. The seller meets the buyer. With us it’s a report with a man over a report with a company. The client becomes our working’s partner time of a project. Listening to you, we brainstorm and create. The project does not follow our rules but your rules.

.Through this blog we wanted to share our passion, we will share our fresh experienced views on the news that touches us and appeals to us: communication. Also present on this blog are tips, techniques and all those who are involved one way or another professionally in our business.