#2 December

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#2 December

For the holiday season we have researched you some gifts from the media industry. From this December we investigate a new product of Netflix, a compilation of the best advertising in 2015 and an invitation to visit the blog of Sébastien Lafont.

 + This month Netflix had a genius idea. We have all fallen asleep watching our favorite
series and forgot if we were in episode 6 or 7. Or even worse, what minute the episode was on. This Christmas, the company offers its users a sock to pause the TV program when you fall asleep.
But how does it work?
The electronic fatigue detector is called an accelerometer and it detects tiredness and the lack of movement, which automatically pauses the series or movie. The only catch is that Netflix has published the design but the the product is ‘Do It Yourself’!

Thus , the sock should be made by the user through a detailed online tutorial. It involves knitting the sock and attaching the mechanism to make it work. However if electronic knowledge is not your strong point it is advisable to seek help.
The sock can still prove very useful the coming winter.

 + Now for a little retrospective of the year 2015 in the field of advertising. The famous
site Adweek, considered as the leader in virtual news magazine marketing, media and advertising. Coming out at the end of the year: the top 10 best advertising of the year. We can find the agency’s portofolio: Leo Burnett, BBDO or even Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Our favourite is 8th place with ‘Loteria de Navidad 2015‘ conducted by the agency Leo Burnett, Madrid with as director Against All Odds, Passion Pictures.

Here you have the top 10: here ! 


 + To finish this year with a little sweetness, we invite you to visit the site: Sébastien
Lafont, a journalist, director and photographer who exercises his talent through many travels around the world.
For the equipment, Sébastien regularly uses the Nikon D800, notably thanks to its speed and ease of use. He says ‘Quick tamed, it becomes a tool, almost an extension of what I see, but in more beautiful.’ Here is an extract from these works:


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