#1 November


#1 November

After searching, reading and navigating all the communications news of November we found the most important things for you of this month. This one can be summarized in three points: the prizewinner Effie, the comeback of Stars wars and a smart branding for Coca Cola.

 + This month the 22nd edition of the Effie Awards, LACOSTE is the big winner this year with its campaign “LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL SPORT” conducted by the BETC agency.
Recall that the Effie award recognizes the effectiveness of a communication campaign. Indeed THE best criterion : the impact of advertising on sales of its advertiser.

With this new platform “Life is Beautiful sport“, the brand that was losing its value in recent years, wished to redefine its positioning between elegance and sport. Mission accomplished, since for this year the Lacoste campaign saw sales climb 8% in volume and 13% in value, each advertising cycle (there are 3 per year).

We will put you below the film “The Great Leap” which is part of this successful campaign.

 + On December 16th, the long awaited comeback of the Star Wars saga: Episode VII The Force Awakens, will soon be ushered into our cinema. Buzz imminent: this is the opportunity for the world of communications to express their creativity.
Especially noted in particular is the polish Pawel Kadysz with that amusing photograph of the International Dark Vader in his daily life. A particularly elaborate scene, with quality camerawork and a lot of humor, there are no complaints on the work of Mr. Kadysz which nevertheless claims to be an amateur (Cameras: Olympus OM-DE M5 Mark II)


We also note that Google provides the option to customize your account with the good side or the bad side of the force ( You can also customize many of Google applications (including Google maps, Google Translation, Google Calendar)… Choose your side!
Fiat also released a model on the occasion: the 500E seen at LA Auto Show with Stormtrooper style, note that Lucasfilm was still associated with 5 other car manufacturers to build “promotional vehicles” in the image of the saga! Even the Paris metro has been redecorated by posters of the film!

 + Question branding, Coca-Cola has struck again early November, this time with thermal sensors. And yes, the brand wants to ensure that the consumer is drinking his Coke at the perfect temperature. It therefore they created a new packaging with thermal sensors placed on the logo of bottles and cans. Over the bobbin more fresh is, more patterns appear. Obviously Coca Cola does not stop here, in parallel the brand launched a competition for its consumers. The goal is to take pictures with a bottle and share with a hashtag #COKECome alive, winners will participate in events exclusively with Australian celebrity. Even though these bottles are currently available only in Australia.

While waiting to discover the bottle, hopefully in France next summer, here is the video for the ad campaign of this new packaging:


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